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3/4/2019 22:21:24 Jeff Muzzell Gazzell Troy, MI Electronic Engineer Expert. Main claim to fame is that I bicycled across the US in 30 days in 1985 (33 years and 45 pounds ago). I have backpacked in 9 states - Eastern & Western + 1 province. That was in 8 National Parks, 3 National Shorelines, 11 other wilderness areas.... My plan is to do the Shore to Shore trail in the summer of 2019.
2/24/2019 17:54:11 Judith Haggerty   HOLLY   Novice
7/15/2018 19:59:59 Ann Justice   Kernville, CA Semi-retired/Waitress at McNallys Fairview on the Kern Experienced; hundreds of trails out of Ruby Jenkins' books, Exploring the Southern Sierra East and West Sides
6/17/2018 15:52:05 Faith Belle Asheville, NC Student Services  
6/7/2018 12:18:22 Mike crawford Shrimpy Trenton Retired firefighter Marl lake
6/6/2018 10:09:49 Mike Shrimpy Trenton Retired Firefighter Marl lake S Higgins Lake State Park
4/30/2018 11:20:56 Shannon Courier The Wandering Dog Ludington Cleaning Supervisor Novice --> Experienced. I've been hiking for the past 3 years, nothing huge, mainly local ,always with my Lab, Moose and always learning, sometimes getting into trouble, especially with a 90 pound Lab who randomly jumps off bridges into mud or gets tangled in brush and branches because he thinks he sees something! But never regretted!!
4/30/2018 4:06:59 Joe Contos Jumpin Joe Plymouth Michigan Process Enginerr Novice - Maybury State Park
4/28/2018 20:55:25 Pam B Foster Sweet P Nashville TN Digital Media Novice
4/22/2018 7:39:43 Eric   Pinckney Aircraft mechanic Novice, Picture Rocks (nct) trail. potawatomi trails, Highbanks Trail.
4/20/2018 4:26:01 Paul M Etter Otter elizabethtown The hershey co.. All over northeast
3/31/2018 19:22:49 Katie Herron Sometimes squints Trenton, MI Field Representative Several section hikes of the AT
3/22/2018 7:51:03 Jack dirtscooter South Lyon retired Novice, I have hiked the Island lake hiking trail, also do weekly short hikes around the neighborhood

Virtually hiked the appalachia and the Pacific coast trail.

Looking for a sherpa to help with STS trail.
3/5/2018 21:24:22 Jill Kwiatkowski STAR TRAVELER Cheboygan Teacher Not a lot, but have hiked the Porcupine Mountains three times, three different sections.
1/1/2018 19:48:48 Dave   PORTLAND Retired Novice
12/19/2017 20:33:58 Ricky B Schleprock Fort Wayne Civil Service Big South Fork
12/1/2017 16:19:40 Rich Brandell Sweet Richie B East Jordan Operations Manager Experienced— 200+ miles on NCT, Mt Whitney and a couple days on PCT
10/16/2017 22:45:02 Russ Virgin leather foot Clarkston Maint planner Novice
10/16/2017 17:49:12 Charles Rausch Charlie Brown Columbia City IN Machinists Longest hike to date , manistee river loop .
9/7/2017 21:34:44 Jim Ace Sidney Ohio Sales Experienced: Wonderland Mount Rainer, Teton Crest, Wyoming, Colorado Trail, Hermit Rest in Grand Canyon, Bright Angel in Grand Canyon, Laurel Ridge in PA, Sections of AT. Philmont in New Mexico. Section of Superior Trail in Wisconsin.
8/28/2017 12:49:29 Tim Kooi Dune Climber Hartland, WI Retired School Administrator Novice:
Ice Age Trail in WI
Trails in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore in MI
Porcupine Mountain Trails in MI
Rocky Mountain National Park
Trails in Door County WI
7/31/2017 22:36:31 Dave Craymer Percival Montague Physical Therapist Assistant Isle Royal x2. Porcupine Mountains x3 Numerous others in Michigan UP. Shenendoa Section of Appalachia Trail. Tennessee. Kentucky...
6/25/2017 16:31:34 Kim   Trenton Sonographer Novice
4/4/2017 21:40:04 Sheila Rae Kiefer Walks with Dogs Wellston CEO Novice
3/8/2017 10:02:51 Kirk Weaver Kirk Canton retired Engineer Indiana BSA Scout Leader 20 years. Among others...Bear Wallow - American Heritage Trail, Nashville, IN Four trails in Indiana (includes: the Flags of the Nations, Yellowwood, and Ten O'Clock Line trails)
2/27/2017 13:01:07 Sheila Kiefer Walks with dogs Wellston Business Owner Novice
1/24/2017 11:33:35 carol hyzer Carol938 grayling retired social worker completed the trail 18 times on horse back I am available to support hikers in the grayling area
1/23/2017 20:35:28 Micca Crampton Micca Crampton Coleman Bookkeeper N/A
10/7/2016 22:17:37 R Scott Martin Jr   Detroit   Novice
10/7/2016 22:15:05 R Scott Martin Jr   Detroit   Novice
9/20/2016 14:29:28 Tom Poirier ~Painless Canton, MI Dentist Grand Canyon, RTR x3, Hermit trail , sections of the Tonto trail
Escalante region, Bryce, and Zion NP
Virginia section of the Appalachian tr

9/15/2016 19:38:28 Jessica Schwarz Jess Saginaw Teacher I have done day hikes but never anything longer than 15 miles. I am, however an athlete and avid runner so I'm pretty sure I'll be fine. :) I am taking this virtual hike to prepare for the real one next summer.
5/25/2016 13:13:16 Tanya AuntTanyaHikes Berkley Teacher Day hikes and long portages with canoes only. Backpacking when I was a child.

My aunt hiked the STS trail with her girl scout troop as a girl, and it has been a dream of mine since learning about it. I hope to find information here to help plan a trip and make the dream a goal and eventually a reality.
5/23/2016 8:54:56 Virginia Ball Virginia Ball Grand Rapids Retired teacher I've only biked short trails - Cedar Springs to Sand Lake; Grand Rapids to Rockford; Rockford to Cedar Springs.
Trails at Hofmaster State Park are the only 'walking' trails.
5/20/2016 23:01:02 Rae Jones   Lansing retired I like to take long walks along the Riverwalk. Never been on a proper hike.
4/16/2016 15:31:37 Carol Prevost   Livonia retired Many day hikes, especially Kensington Metro Park. We've day hiked in the Appalachians many years ago including a day hike on the AT. Hiking most places we visited around the country, but day hikes.
4/14/2016 17:32:47 Geoffrey Tittyung Redbeard Ypsilanti Supervisor - Scholastic Book Fairs Isle Royale x2
Waterloo-Pinckney Trail x7
Many NCT miles
4/13/2016 7:24:57 Barbara Smith   Farmington Hills Homemaker and a follower of Christ Years ago we started close to home--Brighton, Pinckney, etc. Later, moving to Washington State we found trails 100-200 miles from our home in any direction. Those were great vacations with family and those who came to visit. The Cascade Mountains are beautiful and sometimes a great challenge especially for our four year old when he began trekking with us. In 2007 my husband and I followed the Greenstone Ridge on Isle Royale. We covered 50+ miles in 3+ days; we would never try that again that fast. But when you are finished with a hike like that you soon forget how difficult it was and only remember the best parts! As a result, you find yourself planning a new trip as soon as you return home. Another very challenging trip in 2008 was the Jordan River Trail in Northwestern Michigan. It is not so well marked and as I recall has some rather steep climbs along the way. It seems we always realized too late we took too much "stuff"!
3/7/2016 15:40:11 Pam   Redford Twp. Library Clerk  
2/23/2016 20:51:37 Michael Karaman Kerosene Plymouth, MN Healthcare IT product executive Expert (Long Trail SOBO-'79; AT sections-'73-'14)
2/7/2016 14:18:25 Karen McDermott Gimp Garden City Mi seamstress Non
Fell in a golfer hole on my first and only try
1/29/2016 9:35:40 Kara trudging along Westland Grandma none
1/28/2016 19:20:59 MarianneCobak HikingGramma Toledo Ohio Retired teacher Walking the city parks
1/21/2016 7:15:44 Kara trudging along Westland Grandma none
1/20/2016 17:11:15 Dan Pricopio   Warren, Mi Sales/Recruiting Novice
1/12/2016 18:27:21 Susan SillySue Middle Tennessee Mother/wife/part time accounting Numerous trails in Smokey Mountains in East TN

Middle TN: Fierry Gizzard, Great Stone Door, Savage Gulf, Burgess Falls, Fall Creek Falls, Ranger Falls

Georgia: Cloudland Canyon State Park
1/12/2016 18:27:21 Susan SillySue Middle Tennessee Mother/wife/part time accounting Numerous trails in Smokey Mountains in East TN

Middle TN: Fierry Gizzard, Great Stone Door, Savage Gulf, Burgess Falls, Fall Creek Falls, Ranger Falls

Georgia: Cloudland Canyon State Park
12/25/2015 21:00:10 Thomas Grant Tom Troy Mi Bank Manager Experienced day hiker. Never more than 15 miles. Would like to do more.
12/14/2015 17:39:45 Kim Scobie kimbilly Ring Creek, BC homemaker I live in a small community on the edge of Garibaldi Park, in British Columbia. I have hiked to Elfin Lakes up here, which is about 14 miles round-trip. I am an experienced hiker, but almost all day trips. I love doing a 3-6 mile day hike to go swimming in a lake, but haven't been able to do as much the last couple of years. I am enjoying the beginning of this journey.
12/5/2015 8:39:01 Yvonne Buffalo Gal Livonia Library Clerk with Girl Scouts - a million years ago.
11/27/2015 12:16:48 Therese   BIG RAPIDS Retired School Psychologist Since there is no link to contact you, I resorted to communicating here....just wanted to let you know that several of your links on this website are broken....
11/22/2015 13:13:16 Lani Roscoe Gusto Gal Feasterville Trevose Retired Below Novice. Moving from the bedroom in the AM, into the kitchen for coffee, through the house to let the dogs out, back to wake up in the bathroom, let the dogs back in, make the bed, brush teeth, prepare heated coffee, sit down to watch news to start the day, begins my hiking experience for the day.
11/22/2015 12:58:50 Therese STS BIG RAPIDS Retired School Psychologist Hiker want-a-be.
11/13/2015 13:51:39 sunflower sunflower      
11/12/2015 23:27:20 shempsted sunflower      
11/12/2015 12:06:25 Chris Rayner   Hale, MI Retired (ha) Michigan shore-to-shore riding and hiking trail - mostly on horseback
11/11/2015 14:09:03 Paula Blanchard Cookie Midland Mom Novice. Have only hiked the Pictures Rocks Lakeshore, Michigan.
11/8/2015 19:43:39 Scott scooot Big Rapids Teacher some
11/1/2015 8:46:36 Jeremy Restless Oak Livonia Mortgage Banker Experienced. Several parts of the North Country Trail, isle royale, manistee river trail, both north and south manitou, agawa falls trail as well as some other random day hikes.
10/30/2015 11:13:46 Cathy Johnson Silver Fox Big Rapids bookseller/retired teacher I have backpacked on Isle Royale and in Glacier National Park as well as Yellowstone and the Tetons. Most of my hiking miles are in Glacier with one of my sisters. While I am not an expert, I am experienced.
10/14/2015 10:31:29 Lynn Atkinson Trekin On Canton, MI Retired Experienced...The Cumbria Way-England, Dingle Way-Ireland, the Alps to the Riviera-France, Florence to Siena-Italy.
10/12/2015 19:46:04 Bill Staubach Panda Bear Canton Mi. Perfusion Asst. (medical) Let me think for a moment! Oh yes - none
10/12/2015 15:35:32 Lynn Anderson Bookdawg Big Rapids bookseller Hocking Trail,Ohio novice
10/12/2015 10:11:28 Kathy (Kathryn Ermish) Ermish Kat Big Rapids Real Estate Broker Just one now -- your trail. :)

Aside from the Skyline Trail a hundred times as a kid with my family at Ludington's State Park.

Finished the book on my old trusty Kindle so couldn't use the links, unfortunately. Great read. Especially enjoyed your family comments, your dad's insight, your scary & ficticious tidbital additions and the fact that I could go along with you mentally & not physically! ๐Ÿ˜Š
10/11/2015 15:11:21 Kim Swartz Library Lady Sidney, Ohio librarian novice, not much of a hiker at all really. Virtual is right up my alley.
10/11/2015 14:31:51 Fran White Crown Middle Georgia Retired law enforcement Somewhere in the middle
10/9/2015 17:43:40 Jeana McKee Sunshine Holt, MI Administrative Clerk Limited experience. Mostly on trails in Colorado , throughout the years.
10/9/2015 17:43:14 Jeana McKee Sunshine Holt, MI Administrative Clerk Limited experience. Mostly on trails in Colorado , throughout the years.
10/8/2015 10:15:15 Kathryn (Kathy Dodge) Ermish Katarina Big Rapids Real Estate Broker Zilch. Zero.
10/7/2015 13:54:52 Christine Vroman Happy Trails Rodney, MI Retired teacher Daily walks on a beautiful walking path made by my son on our 80 acres, perimeter and interior of Mackinac Island, Loda Lake Wildflower preserve, Sleeping Bear Dunes area. I am not a backpacker though.
10/7/2015 11:50:35 Jean Hiker Momma Belleville Secretary  
10/7/2015 4:12:58 Dawn Smart Jackson Chipmunk Big Rapids, michigan Director of Medical Records Novice
10/6/2015 19:16:23 Bea Kay Barbara Ann Fenton Housewife Novice. Torrey Pines Park, CA
10/6/2015 10:01:17 Scott Randle Scott Big Rapids, Michigan System Administrator Novice, I have hiked trails in Michigan, Kentucky and Alaska.
10/6/2015 9:25:22 Erin AlongForTheRide Canton Librarian Novice - I own a pair of waterproof walking shoes and I love a good story, so here I am.
9/14/2015 20:46:58 Ken Filar Tactfree Fraser, Michigan Engineer Did Oscoda to Foote Dam Pond section hike in 1978.

Completed Section hike of Michigan STS in 2010 and 2011 (Oscoda to Empire)

Completed a thru-hike of the STS in June 2015 (Empire to Oscoda) See Trailjournals.com - Other Trails - Tactfree

Mason Tract
Jordan River Pathway/NCT Loop
Manistee River/NCT Loop

Ohio - Shawnee State Park loop
Ohio - Zaleski State Forest loop
Ohio - Tar Hollow State Park loop